Effective on or about Nov. 12, 2012, Dayton Microcomputer Association's website will become www.dma1.org and the Dallas Museum of Art will take over www.dma.org.

Our next main meeting is 7:00pm Tue., Nov. 27, 2012 at Room 300, Miami Valley Regional Center, 4801 Springfield St., Riverside.

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Calendar of DMA events (Table or Plain Text)
    Sat Aug 27 Noon-6:00pm DMA Picnic
    Tue Aug 30 7:00pm DMA Main mtg.
    Thu Sep 01 Genealogy SIG *postponed to Sept. 8 due to holiday*
    Sat Sep 03 3:00-5:00pm Classic Computers
    Mon Sep 05 Labor Day
    Mon Sep 05 DMA Board of Trustees *postponed to 9/12 due to holiday*
    Thu Sep 08 6:30pm Genealogy SIG *special date*
    Mon Sep 12 7:00pm Dayton Diode Mtg.
    Mon Sep 12 7:00pm DMA Board of Trustees *special date & new location*
    Tue Sep 13 7:00pm Investment SIG
    Wed Sep 14 7:00pm Dayton Dynamic Languages Users Group
    Thu Sep 15 7:00pm Linux SIG
    Sat Sep 17 3:00-5:00pm Classic Computers

Main Meeting (7:00pm Nov. 27 Topic 'NEAT Scanner' @ Rm. 300, Miami Valley Regional Ctr.)

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